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TORCH-ON MEMBRANE Code of Practice

The Code of practice for Torch-On Membrane Systems for Roofs and Decks published 2008 is available for free download from the Waterproofing Membrane Association website:


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Consumer information

From 1st March 2012 all restricted work requiring consent on homes and low level apartments needs to be carried out by or under the supervision of Licensed Building Practitioners (LBPs).  This includes the roofing and wall cladding which are involved in external moisture management.

The licensing regime gives consumers greater confidence in the competence of builders and those working in the specialist trades. This new approach from the government means that only LBPs can carry out specific work that is critical to the construction and weathertightness of a house and a small-medium sized apartment. Re-roofing is not subject to the licensing requirements although some re-roofing projects may require consent.

Licensing does not preclude DIYers building or renovating their home, but they will need to claim an exemption from restricted building work requirements if this is declared to the local council and they meet certain conditions.  Declaration will be kept on council files so that future purchasers of the house will know it has been built by a DIY person.

Public Register of Licensed Building Practitioners

Link to the Department of Building and Housing

Names of Licensed Building Practitioners in all trade classes are listed on the Department of Building and Housing's website.

Industry information

Roofing and cladding is classified a 'specialist trade' and one of 13 licensing classes under the new licensing regime, 

Roofing companies involved in the installation of 'restricted work' on residential dwellings and low level apartments need to gear up NOW to get their roofing installers or supervisors licensed.  The LBP scheme is voluntary and being licensed is a personal choice for those who have the skills and experience to meet the relevant standards required to hold a licence.  However, it will be mandatory if you are doing 'restricted work' for that work to be done by a LBP or under the supervision of a LBP.

RANZ recommends to the Roofing Industry not to delay making application to the Department of Building and Housing as the mandatory date of 1st March 2012 will come around quickly.  With 13 trade classes affected and the obvious pending influx of applications from all sectors, there will no doubt be delays while applications undergo the assessment process. 

How to apply to become a Licensed Building Practitioner?

Application packs for each of the 13 licensing classes are available from the Department of Building and Housing

Contact the DBH to request a pack

on 0800-606-050   -  OR  -

Download from the DBH website at

New streamlined/fast track application packs now available for trade qualified persons. 

Scroll down this page for information on LICENSING CLINICS being run by Mitre 10 in various locations throughout NZ beween September and November 2010

LBP - Skills Maintenance Points Programme

Licences are renewal annually.  Under the government's licensing requirements, all licensed building practitioners are required to maintain a high level of competency and provide proof of continued professional development - referred to as SKILLS MAINTENANCE.  This works on a points system with proof of "skills maintenance points earned" required to be submitted to the DBH at the time of applying for renewal of your licence.

For the roofing specialist trade group, LBPs must earn a minimum of 24 skills maintenance points over a two year period. Points can be earned in a variety of ways and this information is available from the DBH website.

Skills maintenance points can be earned by LBPs through the following RANZ resources (approved by the Department of Building and Housing):

Rooflink journal 1 point per issue (4 issues per year) Subscription details are available on this website under ROOFLINK/About Rooflink - Subscribing.  Note:  special terms and conditions apply
RANZ Annual Conference 6 points Normally held in June each year - refer details on this website under INDUSTRY EVENTS/RANZ Conference.  Contact the RANZ CEO on 0064-9-415-0278 to register your interest and enquire about eligibillty to attend.
RANZ Good Practice DVD - Profiled Roof Cladding - METAL 2 points Preview of the DVD and information on purchasing available on this website under TRAINING/RESOURCES




  • ROOFLINK - latest issue out now
  • INNOVATION: Cladding on a new car park in Christchurch is a great example of a tinsmith's skill
  • Project Unite Ltd (Hamilton) installs a KingZip roof system on the new Delegat winery near Hastings. 
  • CEO Graham Moor leads a team to Vancouver to explore the RCABC's roof training school. Would a roofing school be possible in New Zealand to address the acute skill shortage? 
  • RANZ has developed a check list for re-roofing. This will assist members when assessing potential re-roof jobs with all aspects of replacing a roof notified on this document for the roofer to use when assessing the work and what will be required.
  • New rules now apply whenever retentions are withheld and many subcontract agreements will need to be modified.
  • Changes to provisional tax and new rules on withholding tax are outlined by Tax Management NZ's Chris Cunniffe.



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